I have no recollection of this.

Hey y’all, I’m Kim! I’m a first generation Vietnamese-American who was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Hence, the ‘y’all.’ Growing up, travel meant visiting extended family in the States (which is special in itself). 

It wasn’t until I became an adult that I was able to venture out further – on a family trip to Vietnam and then study abroad in Santander, Spain. I fell in love with travel, languages and new cultures. 

And of course, different food. My parents didn’t say  “I love you” to my brothers and I but rather showed it through food. My mom cooked for us almost everyday. My dad always gave us the last bite. Love of food is deeply ingrained in me. I love to try new foods and will try anything at least once. There’s always a story behind why a dish is beloved.

Nowadays, I travel with my partner Frank and our chihuahua mix Robi, who we adopted from a refugio in Seville. We’ve lived in Spain and Ireland and are now semi-nomadic with a “slow travel” mindset. 

We like to live in a place for at least a few months at a time in order to gain what we really love from travel: learning new languages (I also speak Vietnamese and Spanish), integrating ourselves into the local community and making long-lasting friendships. 

We also really love being able to establish normalcy in each place we visit. Being in a place long enough to have the day-to-day routine of grocery shopping, cooking and taking our dog out is what makes each unique place feel like home. 


Robi was born camera-ready.
Not pictured: pruny blisters.

I’m always up for an adventure. I once spent a summer riding my bike 4500 miles from Texas to Alaska to raise money for cancer research. I’ve backpacked the Camino de Santiago. And I’ve been a language assistant at a public elementary school in Galicia, Spain. 

When I’m not traveling, I work in television as a comedy writer. I’m currently in LA until March working on season 2 of NBC’s Night Court. 

Last but not least, my love language is taking off my shoes before entering your home. 

And also bringing you food.


This blog is meant to be a trusted resource where I share in-depth guides, word-of-mouth recs and insider travel tips for underrated destinations. All from my first-hand experience as your average travel civilian who balances travel with work, family and money.

My goal is to make traveling approachable and authentic – not picture perfect and unattainable. 

It’s also to highlight the hidden underrated gems of the world and spread the tourist dollar to make travel sustainable. 

Oh, and also to give you inspiration to bring your furry baby with you on your travels if you want. It’s possible!


Me not knowing I’m about to get food poisoning.
Robi befriending Sonya, the dog we sat in Castleconnell.

I believe that when you venture past the touristy hotspots, you’ll really get to know a place. An authentic travel experience where you’ll have the time of your life. 

Like that time we dog-sat in Castleconnell, Ireland and our host Mary showed us how to start a classic Irish turf fire in her fireplace. Or that time we ate the best tortilla we’ve ever had at a dingy bar at the tortilla festival in Betanzos, Spain. Or that time we went to La Posita Beach outside San Juan, Puerto Rico and it had a gentle current that carried us like we were in a natural water park. 

May everyone be blessed with authentic and memorable travel experiences! 

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