Rating Ireland’s Gas Station Snacks

When you’re traveling in Ireland and want to see the greatest the country has to offer (i.e. the stunning natural beauty that isn’t easily accessible from the big cities), chances are you probably are renting a car. Which means road trip! Which means SNACKS!

One of our favorite things to do in a new place is try new snacks we’ve never had before. And with mandatory bathroom and petrol stops (local tip: they say “petrol” here), we had plenty of gas stations – I mean petrol stations – to check out. So, without further ado, here are some of the snacks we tried during our road trip along the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland. Rated with the utmost judicial scrutiny.

TAYTO: Cheese and Onion Crisps

Rating: 10/10

These potato chips are from Northern Ireland. They’re everywhere for a reason. So delicious. I’m not usually a cheese-flavored chip person but the cheese is delicious – not overpowering and blends perfectly with the onion. There’s a reason why these are THE Irish snack. I probably bought 40 bags of these during our two months in Ireland.

SIZZLERS: Delicious Meaty Treats (for dogs)

Robi’s Rating: 100/10

Meaty and delicious. 

TAYTO Mighty Munch: Hot & Spicy

Rating: 2/10

Cons: I got allured by the ‘Hot & Spicy’ but they were actually very sweet, with just the tiniest hint of spice. I learned “spicy” in Ireland (and Spain) tends to mean “sweet chili.” Or just “sweet.” Or just “wack.” 

The only pro: The shape is fun. You can wear it like a ring.

We kept it around for a week because I hate wasting food, but in the end, we ended up throwing the whole bag out, having just tried one each. 

TAYTO Mega Meanies: Pickled Onion Flavour

Rating: 6/10

Pros: the name is A+. The shape is fun. The consistency was like Cheeto puffs – airy and easily gets stuck to your teeth – which I like. 

Cons: I like pickles and I like onions, but the flavor was a little too intense for me. 

I’m glad I tried it, but probably won’t get it again.

Jacob’s Elite Chocolate Tea Cakes

Rating: 5/10 

*not suitable for vegetarians

It was fine. Not bad, not great. I wanted to try Jacob’s to compare to the Tunnock’s brand of chocolate tea cakes, which I have had before and really liked, and the two are often sold side by side. I’m glad I tried Jacob’s but I wouldn’t get it again. Tunnock’s is definitely better and (slightly more expensive).

Tunnock’s, which is made in Scotland, has a higher quality of cookie and the marshmallow is creamier (as opposed to Jacob’s bounciness).  Plus Tunnock’s are suitable for vegetarians (as long as you are ok eating eggs).

TWIX: Salted Caramel

Rating: 9/10

It was very good. Get it. 

Like a normal twix but with salted caramel. You get it. 

POPPETS Mix Ups: Toffee, Salted Caramel, Malty Crunch & Chocolate

Rating: 6/10

Pros: it’s a good and fun car snack, because you can easily pop it into your mouth. Different balls were different things whether that be toffee, salted caramel, malty crunch or chocolate – not all at once, which I was disappointed by.

Cons: too many malt balls.

AERO dark & milk: Peppermint

Rating: 7.5/10

We’ve only ever had the Aero chocolate in Ireland (we hadn’t seen them in Spain or US). It’s chocolate with a lot of air bubbles in it. It’s not crunchy, but rather kind of light and fluffy for a hard chocolate. 

I love Peppermint and dark chocolate together. If it weren’t for all the other chocolates and flavors out there, I would get this one again.


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